Monday, February 15, 2010

Sophie Sumner in Britpop


A vivid portrayal of life at University, relationships, first time experiences and love of music. Sex, drugs and rock and roll for a Generation Britpop.

Britpop chronicles the lives of a group of University students during the mid-90’s cultural explosion of music and changing of government. Embracing the new subculture the students stumble around the city; however, conflicts, secrets, lies and addictions all begin to threaten the teenagers’ incestuous world.

Each episode follows a different protagonist whose lives revolve around the central character ‘Matt Ryan’ the loner haunted by the city, innocent ‘Linda’ descends into drugs & causal sex, ‘Steve’ is torn by his sexuality & violent father, Marie’ is an artist whose evolved from the darkness of the city itself, rich kid ‘Alex’ plays mind games, ‘Clarissa’ holds a deadly secret and ‘Johnny’ is on a way one trip to oblivion. Set in the fictional ‘Windy City’ it follows the students tales of excess into a dark surreal world of sex, vampires, drugs, hitwomen and missing students, as they try to make sense of the excess of life but also the City that determines their every move in its whispers and ghosts, revealing a secret underbelly that holds the key to their survival.

The stories of the main cast are intertwined and a number of key scenes are experienced from multiple perspectives. Viewers will have to watch every episode if they are to piece the puzzle together in order to get the ‘bigger picture’. The TV Series would follow the visual style of films like ‘This is England’, ‘Quadrophenia’ and ‘24Hour Party People,’ and TV Serials like ‘Twin Peaks’ ‘Sugar Rush’, ‘Shameless’, ‘Skins’ and ‘Life On Mars’. Like these films & TV Serials, ‘Britpop’ portrays life within a British subculture. Each series covers one university year in 6episodes of 45minutes (3 Seasons, 18episodes). To be shot on Red HD creating the visualisation of shows like ‘The Wire’ and ‘Lost’ that play like films in their narrative and content style per episode.


Straight out of College into University, only eighteen Linda has previously lived a naive sheltered existence with an over-protective family and boyfriend next door in Essex. The nightlife of university is an extreme shock to her, coupled with the suffocating nature of her parents leads her head first into a style of life she isn’t prepared for either emotionally or psychically – from innocent child like china doll to a descent into casual sex and cocaine nights.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sophie Sumner's small interview for Oxfordmail

Sophie gave a small interview to Oxfordmail about modeling, acting and her famous friend Emma Watson.

MODELLING your flatmate’s clothes does not usually get your face splashed across the national magazines – unless that friend is Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

Sophie Sumner, 20, is officially modelling the designes by the actress. They shared a flat in London last year.

Miss Sumner, who is signed with top London agency Storm, famous for discovering Kate Moss, came second in last year’s Living TV show Britain’s Next Top Model.

Now the ex-Headington School and Cherwell School pupil has landed a role in the upcoming teen drama Britpop.

She has also been modelling Miss Watson’s clothing range for ethical brand The People Tree.

She said: “The acting hasn’t really started and I’ll know if I prefer it to modelling by the summer. But modelling is very similar, it’s acting but standing still.

The friends shared a flat last year where Miss Watson, who plays Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter films and also attended Headington School, created her designs.

Miss Sumner said: “She worked so, so hard. After working 13 hours filming she would get home and sit down and get her designs done.

Last summer Miss Sumner applied for a part in a new drama called Britpop, set in the mid-1990s at a fictional university and with a musical soundtrack from the era.

In December, producers gave her the part of Linda and she starts filming the pilot episode next month.

She said: “I was only about eight when Britpop is set so I had to go back to my old drama teacher at school and ask what it was like.

Last year Miss Sumner, who worked at Kukui nightclub and Tootsies restaurant in Oxford, deferred a drama degree at Exeter University to take part in Britain’s Next Top Model.